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Jennifer Smith




Guiding people of all ages, shapes, and sizes in an inclusive wellness practice that brings a sense of ease to every day, both physical and mental.


As a teacher, Jennifer aims to make yoga and meditation approachable to anyone at any level. She guides you through practices that are mindful and sustainable; empowering you to make decisions that are best for your own body.  Her teaching style is grounded in yogic philosophy and focuses heavily on learning to pay attention.  By helping you to acknowledge, accept, and appreciate your individuality, Jennifer helps you to connect to yourself and the world around you with more compassion. Finding that grace can be life-changing.


Nisswa Yoga was founded in 2013 by Jennifer Smith and a business partner as a brick-and-mortar yoga studio. Jennifer took sole ownership in 2016, serving as lead teacher and teacher trainer. In 2022, Nisswa Yoga transitioned to an online studio for Jennifer’s classes. She also leads a collaborative of talented yoga teachers that teach private classes at resorts, event centers, and homes across the Brainerd Lakes Area of North Central Minnesota. In the summer months, Nisswa Yoga also offers outdoor classes and events.

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"Thank you for your online yoga classes. It's what my body, that sits in front of a computer too long, needs. It's what my mind, that never stops worrying needs. When I close my eyes and hear your voice I can imagine that everything is ok."

-Sara M

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PO Box 294, Nisswa, MN 56468


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