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This is NOT your average fitness/gym style class that is sometimes associated with Yoga. You will practice movement and meditation in a way that allows you to put forth whatever level of effort is best for you without practicing “poses” that can be dangerous for your joints. You will use movement as a way of paying attention to what is happening within your body and practice making wise, autonomous decisions based on how your body feels. You will also learn grounding techniques, receive guided meditations, and learn meditation techniques that will help you move through life with ease… physical AND mental.

Jennifer strives to make classes accessible to as many types of people as possible. She has long-time students that range from very physically fit to having significant physical issues and range in age from teens to people in their 80's. That being said, it is necessary for you to be able to get down to the floor and back up (with some support is fine!), so saying it was for everybody wouldn't be accurate.

Each class starts with a brief Dharma talk, introducing and expanding on various aspects of Yoga philosophy, how they apply in modern life, and how we can practice those concepts in the physical realm on the mat.

All classes are finished with a generous savasana (resting pose) that uses guided meditation and storytelling to leave you feeling grounded, centered, and supremely calm.

You’ll want to have some props handy - but you don’t need to buy anything new! Typical props are:
*A rectangular bolster (several firm, folded blankets or a supportive cushion about the size of your torso will also work)
*2 blocks (2 thick books will work)
*A strap (a belt/tie will work)
*2 tennis balls
*Yoga mat (optional)


Practice an adaptive, anatomy informed approach that honors individual differences.

You’ll be guided through a physical practice that helps you learn new ways to approach modern poses that refine your personal alignment to avoid injury and strain.


All are welcome from the beginner to the seasoned yogi - there is something for everyone.


While it’s important to put forth effort, it’s equally important to rest. In this class we’ll balance the two. Reset your nervous system and feel strong, centered, and supremely calm. Whether you're new to  yoga or a seasoned yogi, you will discover an approachable movement and meditation practice that allows you to put forth whatever level of effort is best for you.

Class integrates the philosophical, energetic and physical aspects of yoga. 


Yoga Nidra is a soothing practice to help induce rest. Also known as "Yogic sleep." The practice is performed lying down, as comfortably as possible; using blankets, pillows, and perhaps a bolster and an eye pillow. You will be guided into a state of meditation centered around turning your attention deeply within. Practicing the art of effortlessness, we'll utilize Yoga Nidra to realize serenity and healing, while also planting seeds of intention.


Rise and Shine! Get your day off to a great start, feeling grounded, nurtured, and radiant. Whether you've never practiced yoga or you're a seasoned yogi, I strive to make you feel comfortable and supported. Classes balance the philosophical, energetic and physical aspects of yoga.


In a vinyasa flow class physical postures are linked with inhales and exhales, creating a steady rhythm for the practice. Although you may hold poses for multiple breaths, you will move from one posture to the next using the breath. By focusing on the steady cycle between inhale and exhale you’ll find a mental focal point, helping you find a sense of calm alongside the movement. This is a more physically strenuous style of class. Students can expect to be challenged, but our teachers always offer choices to modify the practice to your own level.