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No matter where you stand on issues, there's no denying we're moving through a stressful time. But the polls will be closed (at least in MN), so use this class as a way to get grounded and centered in preparation for deep and restorative rest in the comfort of your own home.

Sleep can be elusive due to mental, emotional, and physical factors. Yoga Nidra is a soothing practice to help induce rest. Also known as "Yogic sleep." The practice is performed lying down, as comfortably as possible; using blankets, pillows, and perhaps a bolster and an eye pillow. You will be guided into a state of meditation centered around your experience of inner body, turning your attention deeply within. Practicing the art of effortlessness, we'll utilize Yoga Nidra to realize serenity and healing, while also planting seeds of intention.

Class will be held via zoom. Video will be turned off, so you can focus on listening to the guided meditation while also limiting the light from the screen. Everyone registered for class will be emailed login details 30 minutes before class. A recording will be available for 7 days.