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You Are Enough

Connect to your inherent wholeness using mantra, meditation, and movement.

As I sit outside enjoying this gorgeous summer day, listening to the birds, looking at my flowers, and feeling the gentle breeze, I’m reminded of the mantra Tat Tvam Asi. It’s a Sanskrit mantra that translates to “thou art that” or “you are that.” Meaning, just like the sky, stars, and the moon; just like the earth, the trees, and the flowers… You are that. We are all part of the universe. We are all inherently connected. Most importantly, Tat Tvam Asi reminds us that we are already whole. The practice of Yoga is not about fixing yourself or fixing something about you. It’s about remembering that you are enough exactly as you are. Notice how you approach life differently when you remember your inherent wholeness and goodness.


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